Members dig deep into their pockets to support the party

Caroline Vincent

The Socialist Party is being evicted from the rented offices in London which serve as our national headquarters. We urgently need to raise funds to find new premises.

To date the response to our appeal has been inspiring. Two comrades have donated £10,000 (see below), two have donated £5,000 and one has donated £4,000, from windfalls and savings. But the smaller donations that have been made represent some significant sacrifices too.

A new 12-year-old member, who already pays a weekly sub from her pocket money, has pledged a whole week’s pocket money of £5! A young worker pledged £150 just one week after joining the party.

Two members in Leicester, who have already pledged a week’s wage, auctioned their record collections on eBay. They were amazed to raise more than £450!

A single parent of two children, who lives on continually squeezed benefits, has pledged £100. He’s also selling his car and will donate a proportion of the proceeds on top of that.

There has been a pledge of £500 from a disabled comrade on benefits, who will achieve this by saving pound coins until August.

The self-sacrifice displayed by members is impressive, but there has also been wider support from the labour movement. A member of the Labour Party in Carlisle donated £50 saying “we need people like you in the Socialist Party”!

If you haven’t already, make a donation or a pledge and join the fight. We won’t let greedy landlords and gentrification force us out of the capital, but we need your help!

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