Building fund appeal: “Each pledge is a triumph for our party”

Nigel Smith, York Socialist Party

Yorkshire region got off to a flying start in its building fund appeal at our regional conference where 36 members made an average pledge of £365. The Yorkshire region has also had a single pledge of £10,000 as well as several of £1,000.

Since then each branch has designated someone to be responsible for contacting members and supporters.

I have been helping coordinate the appeal for the Yorkshire region. I have really enjoyed my discussions with the branch organisers. We have shared ideas and supportive stories about our experiences.

Some members can make a pledge and pay it out of savings. For others it’s a matter of putting aside a little each month to make up their pledge. Several members have increased initial pledges following discussions with their families, who may not be members themselves but have grasped the importance of the appeal.

We intend to press ahead with the appeal and hope to increase the number of pledges. We also intend to reach out to supporters, relatives and friends. Whether it be £10 or £1,000, we know that each pledge is a little triumph for our party and for socialism.

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